Weekend project : Wall mounted headphone hanger

I have been using Sennheiser HD555 headphones for many years. They sound great and are comfortable, but like many large headphones, they take a lot a place on my desk and the long cord is often in the way.

Sennheiser HD555

I decided to take care of this situation last weekend and build a wall mounted headphone hanger to hold my headphones when I’m not using them. The design is simple, a thick piece of wood that is used as a base plate to hold three pegs on which the headphones will rest.

The first step is to draw and scan an outline of the headband to find the position of the three pegs.

From the scanned headband outline, a cutting and drilling template┬áis created in Illustrator. The hanger will be attached to the wall using three screws. This is overkill for the weight it must support, but I don’t want any wiggle once mounted on the wall.

The three pegs are cut from a 3/4 inch dowel. They are cut to be around 3 inches once glued inside the base plate. The holes for the pegs are drilled using a 3/4 inch spade bit. It is not necessary to drill all the way through the base plate, but the deeper the hole, the stronger the pegs will be held in place. I used a hand drill to make to holes, but a drill press is highly recommeded to make straight holes. Finally, the three mounting holes are drilled.

Then, wood glue is applied in the peg holes and the pegs are inserted. Once the glue has cured, the end of the three pegs are sanded to round them off. Finally, a water based clear finish is applied to protect the wood.


Cutting and drilling template